How we Partner

Today the usage of social networks is ingrained into our day to day live. So Social is clearly the new norm for how we make decisions in our consumer’s life and more and more in our professional life too. Forrester Research predicts that enterprise spending on social business solutions will reach $4.6 Billion by 2013. On the other hand, as an AIIM report shows, 80% of responding organizations plan to significantly improve their information management and ECM landscape. So with social business and information management being top of mind for many companies, QuePort can help you capture new business opportunities on top of the SharePoint platform. Would you like to capitalize on the growing Social Information Management market?


Become a QuePort for Sharepoint Partner

With the QuePort solutions SharePoint will become a full social enterprise platform for both internal employee collaboration and customer-facing communities. While pure play social software competitors may disregard SharePoint for not providing a complete enterprise social media environment but still trying to benefit from SharePoint’s enterprise-scale and world-class content management. So they ‘steal’ additional revenue opportunities from SharePoint partners. QuePort helps you to expand your social business on top of SharePoint. By use of QuePort, you can effectively deliver a complete Social Business Software solution build in SharePoint. QuePort’s mission is a strong commitment to partners. We would like to establish and maintain a profitable partner ecosystem with benefits for both sides. All of our handpicked partners have a have deep understanding of SharePoint. In cooperation with a partner we clearly split the responsibilities: the QuePort team is focused on developing a state of the art Social Information Management solution and our partners create customer specific business solutions based on SharePoint and QuePort.


Types of Partner

We are looking for reseller or referral partners to offer professional services for our products or to introduce our products to new markets. Ideal partners are typically systems integrators and managed service providers, as well as boutique consultancies and digital agencies with a focus on SharePoint. The QuePort Partner Program provides a set of tools and resources to develop, promote, and sell solutions in conjunction with QuePort.


  • Expand your services business. Realize new revenue opportunities with your SharePoint installations.
  • Capitalize on the highest attach rates in the industry. Supersize your SharePoint business.
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty.
  • Gain a competitive edge by accelerating your Social.

Become a Partner

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Types of Partner