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QuePort for Sharepoint

SharePoint 2013 introduced a number of social features to help users become informed about relevant content that concerns their daily work. However, employees still have to actively search for information and updates. Thus a lot of time and productivity is lost in terms of finding the relevant information. The main problem is not the number of new social tools in SharePoint 2013, but the fact that employees do not fully adapt and use social collaboration tools. Why? Because to them, social tools mean more work. It means more hassle, information management, and overall dissatisfaction as people question why they have to use solutions that complicate their lives.

But what if you could integrate your social tools with your day-to-day work? What if you could make information socially aware, train it to automatically support what you do in such a way as to simplify and enhance your work?

QuePort for SharePoint® delivers on that promise, changing the entire information management equation by making information socially aware. Melding the worlds of personalized information management with social apps for SharePoint 2013. With our SharePoint 2013 apps we are focusing on a dynamic content delivery and search-driven business approach. To make social collaboration in SharePoint 2013 successful we provide the right information at the right time and in the right context. As a result employees do not have to actively search for information, but get all relevant information they need for their day-to-day work.

QuePort for SharePoint can help your business in many unique ways:

  • Receive relevant information in the right social context at the right time.
  • Improve social employee engagement and boost productivity by keeping employees informed, up to date, and actively involved.
  • Lower your TCO and improve your ROI by enhancing your solutions with social apps built for the Microsoft® SharePoint 2013 platform.
  • Improve business communications and simplify collaboration by providing a consolidated overview of all relevant updates.



Stay informed about information that are important and relevant for your everyday business.


Aggregate, surface and promote all relevant information, activities or experts.


Simplify collaboration in SharePoint 2013 by providing a consolidated overview of all relevant updates.

QuePort for Portal

Frontends, which individually process all the information that is relevant for the user, can be prepared without any programming effort. Each click in the portal is immediately analysed and directly influences the selection and display of the information. Therefore, the user can navigate through the provided information corresponding to his interest.

On the Internet, the QuePort portal software is mostly applied in the field of media in order to automatically prepare target group-specific content offers. On the Intranet, enterprises use the QuePort portal in order to make exactly this information available for every employee regarding his position and his current task.

Using this portal solution is really easy because the layout and provision of information can be adapted to the current needs within a few minutes.