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Overview – Newsfeed Notifier

SharePoint 2013 introduced a number of social features to help users become informed about relevant content that concerns their daily work. One of them is the Newsfeed that provides news and business content for employees. However, the problem is that you have to leave your current working context in order to get the latest updates. Thus you lose valuable time and your productivity decreases.

The “Newsfeed Notifier” pushes the latest updates from your SharePoint Newsfeed to your Suite Bar.

Newsfeed Notifier - App Icon in the SharePoint 2013 Suite Bar
Newsfeed Notifier - New notification
Newsfeed Notifier - Notification window

To learn more about the Newsfeed Notifier, please download our free app from the Microsoft Office 365 App Store. The app is free for up to 5 users. For more pricing information please visit this site. For on-premise deployments, please contact us.


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